Fire Hoses

A fire hose is a high-pressure hose used to carry water or other fire retardant to a fire to extinguish it. Fire hoses outdoors are attached either to a fire engine or fire hydrant. Indoors, it can be permanently attached to a building’s standpipe or plumbing system.

Accurate Fire Protection & Security uses Ontario Fire Code and NFPA 1962 as the guide for testing and inspecting fire hoses within commercial and residential fire hose racks, cabinets and commercial reels. The fire hose is removed, re-racked from its original position and checked for debris, cracks, chemicals and obvious flaws in the fire hose. Hoses are checked for gaskets, correct nozzles, water stops, pins, reels, discharge rating, shut offs and tagged at both the point of the valve and the hose. Being the fire hose is the fire department and trained Personnel’s first line of defense it is more than important to make this equipment fully functional at the time of inspection.